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Sydney sherman


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$300 - 499

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(203) 393-5176

I am a Medium and Paranormal Author of my first book "You Are Not Alone; Our Loved Ones Are Here...You're Just Not Listening". I provide presentations to the public on the reality of the Afterlife and how they too can connect with their loved ones who have passed. I help them push through all the misinformation that has been perceived as reality by movies and TV. Throughout the presentations, stories are shared and examples are given on how to tell if the events that are occurring around them are of a Paranormal nature or simply an event caused by natural occurrences. These events are well attended and the reception has been very positive.

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Name Comment Posted
Helen Glassen, Atwater Memorial Library Our room was packed! So many people had questions and Sydney and her son were wonderful. Patrons are asking for her to come back! January 23, 2013
Beth Devlin, Wallingford Public Library The response to Sydney Sherman's program was overwhelmingly positive. She is creditable, responsive, and generous with her time. Highly recommend. March 04, 2013
Diane Durette, Lucy Robbins Welles Library Sydney spoke at our Library to a crowd of 70 people. She was professional & well organized, She stayed after the program to answer questions as well. March 04, 2013
beth  devlin Sydney Sherman gave an informative and engaging presentation to 70 people at our Library. She was very generous with her time, the audience loved her. March 11, 2013
Mary Solera, Killingworth Library This was the second program Sydney provided for us. Both programs were full well in advance. Well done presentation, alot of good questions. March 11, 2013
Suzanne Garvey, Wolcott Public Library Our room was packed as well. Sydney and her son were incredible! Kind, compassionate- didn't leave until all asked questions. Many patron compliments March 19, 2013
Cynthia Gwiazda, Community Services Librarian There was standing room only! Sydney's presentation was outstanding! She answered all questions-even after her talk. We can't wait to have her back! April 29, 2013
Nicole Cignoli, Edith Wheeler Memorial Library 36 people attended Sydney's presentation on a beautiful Satruday afternoon. She gave a very grounded presentation and engaged the audience throughout. May 10, 2013
Judy Liskov, Waterford Library She spoke to 210 people on a Sun. afternoon & held their attention for almost 2 hours,with q&a. It was structured,informative & sensitive. May 20, 2013
Julie Menders, Otis Library, Norwich Great presentation! The speaker did a wonderful job engaging the audience, and answering their questions. HIghly recommend her. June 10, 2013
Katherine Van Leeuwen, The Brookfield Library Our audience was spellbound for two hours, and Sydney followed with a Q & A . Well done presentation! July 03, 2013
David Boudinot, Henry Carter Hull Library People were calling about Sydney's program before we even advertised it! We had 74 people in attendance, a sensational response! August 12, 2013
Teresa Holabird, Edward Smith Library,Northford In this day and age where program money is tight (or non-existent), you will not waste a dime on booking this author! Full house, Awesome Person :) August 15, 2013
Trumbull Library System We had over 90 people on a Thursday night in August! Her presentation was well-rounded and flawless. Attendees shared they really enjoyed her presenta August 19, 2013
jeanne chmielewski Sydney filled our room. we had to turn people away. She is honest, heartwarming and at times humorous with her personal stories. Patrons enjoyed Q&A September 19, 2013
Lisa Bower Courtney, Terryville Library We had a record breaking 70 people attend Sydney's program. A very down to earth speaker that had the audience enthralled. September 21, 2013
Rebecca Harlow, Case Memorial Library Sydney's program was the perfect balance of information, storytelling, and humor. Our room was packed and full of new faces. Highly recommended. October 23, 2013
SAlly Tornow, New milford Public Library Sidney offers a fantastic presentation, full of humor, but seriously addressing the subject. We had a full house! October 25, 2013
Trish Connolly, Durham Public Library Sydney had a standing-room-only crowd and she exceeded our expectations. She is an engaging and honest storyteller with a refreshing sense of humor. October 17, 2014
Cynthia Gwiazda, Hagaman Library East Haven Sydney revisited our library and again, it was full to capacity! She is a very interesting speaker. I am already getting requests to have her back! October 28, 2015
Teresa Holabird, Edward Smith Library/Northford Sydney returned this fall with programs on Energy and Life AFTER Life_Always a packed house for her programs! November 05, 2015
Jess Lobner, Levi E. Coe Library, Middlefield Sydney's program was an overwhelming success - she was authentic and our patrons will clamor for seats the next time she visits us. November 10, 2015
Sally Tornow, New Milford Public This was the second lecture by Sidney and just as well-received as the first. Credible, down-to-earth - 70 people loved her! January 16, 2016
Francie Berger- Hall Memorial Library A huge crowd, an engaging speaker, already having patrons ask when she can return! January 20, 2016
Madhu Gupta Sydney Sherman gave a very informative presentation at the library. The audience were engaged and asked a lot of questions. Everyone enjoyed the talk! February 10, 2016
Mary Coe, Fairfield Public Library Max capacity crowd of 120! Sydney was wonderful to work with and patrons loved her. Engaging, fascinating -have booked a 2nd time for the fall! February 29, 2016
Nancy McNicol Sydney followed up her You Are Not Alone program with "Understanding Your Aura" which not only drew a large audience but held their rapt attention. January 14, 2019
Cynthia Gwiazda, East Haven Hagaman Library Sydney came to our library in October 2018. We had over 60 people and everyone who attended asked for us to have her back! I Highly recommend her! January 14, 2019
Elena Granoth, Morris Public Library Ms. Sherman spoke to an audience of 103, ans we were pleased with every aspect of the presentation.We are having Sydney back this coming October! January 15, 2019
Jill Adams, Waterford Public Library We had Sydney back again and had a great turnout. She is credible, professional and engaging. A topic customers are interested in and she delivers. January 15, 2019
Elena Granoth, Morris Public Library Ms. Sherman spoke to an audience of 103, ans we were pleased with every aspect of the presentation.We are having Sydney back this coming October! January 15, 2019
Elena Granoth, Morris Public Library Once again, Sydney has drawn a huge crowd with her new "Understanding Your Aura" here in Morris. Entertaining, knowledgeable, interactive! October 25, 2019
Lisa Sprague, Enfield Public Library We had a great turnout for Sydney's program. She's absolutely wonderful to work with and our patrons adore her. We will certainly invite her back! November 19, 2019
Jessica Gueniat/ Torrington Library Sydney's program was very well received! People loved her and we had a full house! Well worth booking. November 19, 2019
Lisa Courtney We have had Sydney a few times over the years and she always draws a good crowd! Allows time for Q&A and is thorough in her answers. November 19, 2019
Cynthia Gwiazda, Hagaman Memorial Library Once again, standing room only at our library on October 23 when Sydney spoke on "Understanding Your Senses!" She is a phenomenal speaker! November 19, 2019
Julie Rio, Wallingford Public Library "Understanding Your Senses to Connect to Loved Ones." Most thought the program was too short--at two hours! We'll definitely invite her back. November 19, 2019
Sarah Griswold, Minor Memorial Library Sydney's presentation was very well attended, and the audience was riveted by her story and her message. Very highly recommended. November 21, 2019
Elizabeth Oedel, The Brookfield Library We had Sydney back for her "Understanding Your Aura" presentation. She kept our large audience engaged and was easy to work with. November 27, 2019