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Fun With Freaky Fractals and Digital Media

Dr. Roger Tremblay


Fine Arts
Science and Technology
Arts and Crafts - Drawing

Age group:
All ages

$150 - 299

Contact Information:
860-910-8559 c
860-536-1332 h

Art is about patterns of color, Math is about patterns of numbers, and Computers can be used to easily make fantastic patterns of color from patterns of numbers.  We'll learn to use a computer to make beautiful and colorful art using simple math, print posters, and make screen-savers, save images as desktop wallpaper and more.  We'll also get firsthand behind-the-scenes understanding of just what is all this Digital Media that surrounds us and even learn a little programming using a free simple but powerful modern language designed for non-technical people to let them creatively 'Draw with Code'.

Dr. Roger J. Tremblay is a freelance artist and engineer with more than 30 years experience in both Research Engineering and Fine Art. He has taught Integrated Art, Math and Technology classes and workshops at the elementary through high school and adult levels. His traditional oil paintings and computational art have been exhibited in juried shows at various galleries in Connecticut.

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Val Fisher-New Milford Public Library My group really enjoyed Roger Tremblay’s program. His enthusiasm for math in art is contagious. He makes math both fun and useable July 18, 2011
Tara Borden-East Lyme Public Library Thanks for presenting the program Roger. I heard some great feedback! July 26, 2014