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Activated Story Theatre

Activated  Story Theatre


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Age group:
All ages

$300 - 499

Contact Information:
Kimberly Goza

Act!vated Story Theatre goes above and beyond storytelling to stage folktales that stimulate the imagination, emphasize critical thinking and build cultural awareness. The 45-minute theatrical production features non-stop action, physical comedy, audience participation, American Sign Language and imaginative props; staged by two professional actors before a gigantic oversized book. Kids are sent to search for books related to the show at the end of each library performance. Shows are recommended for preschool-8th grade students and family audiences.
The following stories were specifically chosen for the 2011 SRP theme "One World, Many Stories". Each folktale represents a different region of the world and features a quest. Each show features TWO of the following 20-25 minute multicultural folktales.
* Orpheus (Greece)
* The Fourth Question (China)
* The Egyptian Cinderella (Egypt)
* The Hat Seller and the Monkey (Africa)
Shows are typically scheduled in Connecticut from August through October. Travel fees are waived during these months.

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Laurie Murphy Roediger I have seen the Act!vated Story Theatre group since 2002. My then 2 year old was so captivated by the show that she sat still, which she never did!!! September 30, 2010
Molly Ziegler, Community Coordinator CKMS Professional, entertaining, educational! So glad we can bring them back again this year. Highly recommended from both students & staff! October 13, 2010