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"Take a Tromp Through the Swamp!" A top 10 lineup of the world's most fun kids' songs

Tom Sieling


Summer Reading - 2018 SRP "Libraries Rock"
School Visits
Music - Children's

Age group:
All ages

$150 - 299

Contact Information:
Tom Sieling
800-724-7126 or 607-564-3508
302 Van Ostrand Rd., Newfield, NY 14867

Most programs are $275 with no travel fee, $250 for 3 or more booked at once, consecutive days OK

After 20 years of programs Tom has picked the 10 most fun, most participatory (many are even a bit athletic!) kids' songs he's been able to find - and they're all in this program! In keeping with the "Libraries Rock!" theme, he includes lots of encouragement of the kids' lifelong participation in music, reading, and library usage. He performed 52 programs during the Summer Reading season of 2017, and has delighted tens of thousands in 14 states over the years. Tom accompanies himself on guitar, banjo, and harmonica, and he uses a drum machine to keep things nice and upbeat. He's added beautiful slides and lots of cool facts about area animals (visuals... like a real rock show!). He travels with a great sound system for use as needed - it works well outside, too. $295 with no travel fee almost always becomes $275 by summertime, as long as he can book another show without too much extra driving (he almost always can). 3 or more programs booked all together at the same time get discounted to $250 each (they can be consecutive days). Tom often sets aside certain periods for different areas when everyone in that area gets the $275 no travel fee rate - please call or email anytime for more information. All programs include a free CD of the most fun kids' songs he knows - for schools he offers one to each classroom that would like one. Librarians and teachers say they're a great resource when they need to get everyone up and moving around.

"Tom is a wonderfully engaging performer... sure to raise even the most reticent out of their seat! We 'howled at the moon, sang a wild thing tune', and wanted more!" - Nicole Carner, Former Library Director, Pember Library, Granville, NY.

"Tom was amazing!! We all enjoyed his performance. I would love it if he could visit our school again next year. He ROCKS!" Kristina Kiely, Principal, E. C. Stevens Elementary School, Wallingford, CT

"Tom is masterful both as a musician and in how he relates to his audience... his sense of humor and sheer fun shines throughout it all. He is a winner every time!" Mary Gleason, Children's Librarian, Rochester, NY.

"The best part was to see the adults enjoy it and join in just as much as the children. Tom did a great job!! All the reviews that other libraries gave are so true." Dolores Nabinger, board member, Bainbridge Free Library, Bainbridge, NY

"One cold, rainy afternoon last summer, Tom Sieling brought his warm and wonderful voice to our library. Children's laughter filled our walls as the kids and their parents danced and sang... I recommend Tom for any family-oriented program. His energy and welcoming personality will make your program a hit for all ages!" - Mary Lou Carolan, Children's Services and Community Outreach, Walkill Public Library, Walkill, NY.

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Name Comment Posted
Kathleen Gordon " Tom has graced our library for two of our summer reading programs, and both the children and adults were equally enchanted with his music, humor and December 15, 2008
Ann Szaley Tom Has a relaxed and familiar style that the children and adults respond to very well. His humour as well as his musical talent made the program a e December 23, 2008
Victoria Thompson-Hess Tom has been a favorite of our Library's families for many years. His gentle humor and interactive musical style is sure to make you smile! September 22, 2011