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Patricia Campbell, Dance Caller, and The Reel Thing

Patricia Campbell


Performing Arts - Dance

Age group:
All ages

$300 - 499

Contact Information:
Patricia Campbell
email -
phone - 203-364-4554

Patricia Campbell's main passion is using traditional dance to bring people together in community.*
Patricia is a dance leader and consultant with experience calling participatory dances for families, schools, libraries and other community organizations. Patricia's foundation in modern dance and ballet expanded into international folk dance, contra & square dance, and then into 18th century & Colonial dance.
Her current repertoire includes New England contradance, Colonial/18th century dance, square and folk dances, and Morris & Sword and Maypole ribbon dances.

*Special virtual programming available at this time!

Together with The Reel Thing, a group which specializes in live, costumed, authentic 18th century colonial dances and concerts, traditional dance workshops for children and adults, and family or community "barn" dances, Patricia can provide an exciting experience for your group, at any dancing level.

All workshops and programs are customized and some events may exceed the 300-499 range. CLC members always receive discounted pricing when booking an event.

NEST (New England States Touring) artist, which is part of NEFA (New England Foundation for the Arts) - see profile.

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